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Design has been a main part of Paulina’s life. Originally from Melbourne, Paulina trained at RMIT University. After graduating Paulina began her professional career designing alongside the Late Gerhardt Fronske, a renowned Interior Designer and sculptor, at ‘Interiors High Street Armadale’.

After relocating from Melbourne to Cairns in 1985, Paulina Interlandi opened her own Interior Design and Colour Consultancy business and has been responsible for the design work for many diverse projects in Far North Queensland.

“My interior design clients inspire me. I often interpret and visualize what is right for them within the first minutes of our meeting. I have a strong belief that people always know what they want but get confused by all the choices. It is up to me to tap into them and find out what they love and inject their personality into their living and commercial environment. I never have trouble visualizing a finished project. It is a natural ability that actually consumes me until it is completed to the final detail. My residential and commercial clients (who often become my wonderful friends) are my best form of advertising. I thank them all so much for letting me into their personal lives and businesses.”

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